to whom it may concern

The idea of a room of forgotten or missent letters and packages is a useful way to think about my past. When I started rereading through my archive of letters, it occurred to me that it might be a worthwhile exercise to answer a couple of them. I wasn’t interested in going back to whatever version of myself received the originals; I doubt I’d even recognize that person. I wanted to answer them as I am now, as if they showed up in my mailbox today. The hope is that the decades gap will make what I write resonate to someone or someones other than my old correspondents. That maybe I’ve learned something in the intervening years that could be of use to strangers.

Signed and numbered edition of 543. Features 30+ full-color collage illustrations culled from some of the letters I'm responding to.

Please add $4 postage if you want it delivered in the US; or $35 for international shipping.



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